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Medical (Skilled) Services

To make you feel comfortable with your care providers, we provide a free onsite consultation. During this home visit, a nurse will provide you with all the necessary information about the program of care, and answer any questions. The nurse will attempt to get to know you and your family during this visit so that the caregivers chosen to provide service will match the needs, schedule, and personality of the individual receiving care.

Responsive, thoughtful, and attentive care with the latest technologies and therapies are administered by experienced home health professionals. State of the art training is extended to patients and their families so therapies can be reinforced on a regular basis. 

Skilled Nursing
  • Wound Care

  • Medication Management

  • Assessment/Evaluation

  • Patient/Caregiver Education


Skilled Nursing

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  • Social, economic environmental and emotional assessment

  • Counseling

  • Link to Community Resources

  • Caregiver Support

 Medical Social Services
Nurse Talking to Patient
  • Assess and treat speech difficulties

  • Assess and treat language difficulties

  • Assess and treat swallowing difficulties

  • Assist with patients demonstrating attention, orientation, memory, reasoning, and/or judgement deficits

  • Patient/caregiver education

Speech Therapy
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
  • Restore the loss of mobility and function

  • Assess home safety

  • Assess equipment needs

  • Establish home exercise program

  • Patient/Caregiver education 

Physical Therapy
Home Cook
  • Self Care Training and Assistance for Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, Dressing, Eating, Grooming)

  • Functional Limitations Assessment

  • Splint and Adaptive Equipment Evaluation

Occupational Therapy
Haircut Smiles
  • Bathing 

  • Dressing

  • Grooming

Home Health Aide
Image by Laurynas Mereckas
  • Administering medications

  • Work with physicians to develop treatment plan

  • Recommend therapy programs for addiction

Behavioral Health
  • Verification of Benefits

  • Pre-authorization of services

  • Re-certification of continued care 

Case Management & Reimbursement Specialists
  • Cardiac, Orthopedic, COPD, Wound Care, Stroke, and Diabetes Care trained professionals.

  • Specialized care plans to manage chronic diseases, while increasing independence and improving the quality of life at home.

Specialty Care
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Non-Medical Services

At Home Health Specialty Services Plus, we provide non-medical in-home care that covers everything from household duties like cooking, cleaning, and laundry, to individual needs such as bathing and hygiene, continence and toileting care, mobility assistance, and assistance with eating. We can help out with errands, organize bills, take care of paperwork, or just sit down and enjoy some pleasant conversation. Basically, our home care agency provides whatever is needed to help people maintain their independence and quality of life. Service is available for short-term home care and long-term home care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Home Health Specialty Plus can also will provide licensed, insured, and bonded contractors to complete modifications around the home. They can build or modify bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and make the necessary indoor or outdoor modifications so you or your loved one can have safely and easily live at home.

Home Nurse Examining Patient
  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Incontinence

  • Medication reminders & compliance

  • Safety Oversight

  • Mobility Assistance

Personal Care Aide
Cleaning Table
  • Laundry 

  • Kitchen cleaning

  • Organization

  • Sweeping

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Bed making

  • Dusting

  • Folding and storing clean laundry

  • Medication reminders

Senior Men Playing Chess
  • Safety oversight

  • Grocery shopping

  • Doctor's appointments

  • Errands outside of the home

  • Recreation

  • Prepare a light meal

  • Hobbies and activities

  • Walking outside

  • Companionship and conversation

  • Exterior ramps

  • Steps and walkway modifications

  • Transition threshold ramps

  • Low-step bath tubs

  • Handicap accessibility

  • Handrail installation

  • Kitchen safety/ accessibility modifications

  • Bedroom modifications

  • Entry and exit modifications

  • Smoke detector/CO2 installations

  • Lighting

Home Safety & Modification
Home Nurse Making Bed
  • 24/7 care in your home

  • Assists with all aspects of care

  • Meal prep, planning/shopping lists

  • General household upkeep

  • Laundry, keeping linens and bedding fresh

  • Quality Companionship, conversation, oversight

  • Escort to Dr. visits, appointments, weddings and other events

  • Shopping

  • Outside the house excursions for pleasure – parks, going to lunch, and recreation.

Live-In Caregivers
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